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Welcome to the 2018-2019 Basketball Tournament Calendar Web Page.


Click on the month in the right frame and the calendar will pop up in this window.


In each calendar month, you will find a list of parishes hosting basketball tournaments in Southeastern Wisconsin.  If you click on the parish name, the flyer will pop up giving you more information about that tournament.  The calendar indicates what dates the tournament is scheduled to run, along with the grade and gender. “B” team tournaments are designated with a lower case “b”.


Boy’s tournament dates are highlighted in BLUE

Girl’s tournament dates are hightlighted in PINK

Dates in which both genders play are highlighted in PURPLE


To PRINT the calendar, “right click” on the calendar window and choose “PRINT”.


If you are hosting a tournament and would like to post your tournament flyer on this web site, send it to me and I will post if FOR FREE!  (One document per parish) However, if you feel this service is valuable to you and you would like to see it continue in the future, PLEASE CONSIDER BECOMING A SportScene SPONSOR ($50) or consider making a $5/$10 free will contribution for my time in supporting this web site.  (Contact me at gromanowich@gmail.com for details)


Sponsors will get preferential treatment including posting of special notes in the SPONSOR’S NOTEPAD in which you can indicate tournament openings, change in tournament dates, etc.